By now, you've heard about the Netflix show Tex-Mex Motors and how it was filmed in El Paso! The show features El Paso native Scooter, who was a guest on the Morning Show last week. Scooter is a car scout who helps out the team on the show find classic cars in Juarez so that they can then restore them and sell them.

The show has barely been out a few days but it's already a hit! This past weekend it became one of the Top 10 selections on Netflix.

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

But it's no surprise to me, I ended up binging all eight episodes in one day, the show is really good. And I'm not the only who agrees, the buzz on social media concurs that Tex-Mex Motors is worth streaming!

The show has several great characters who all come together to restore these classic cars, but I think it's evident who the star of the show is- Scooter!

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The El Pasoan has won over many hearts in the few days of the shows release; he comes off as genuine and interesting.

It's true, on the show, Scooter has great communication skills and when you think about it, he is a big asset to the show- and the whole operation. To which one of the executive producers, James Moore, agreed.

Could the Irvin graduate really get his own show? I think he could! I would watch a show about Scooter just scouting cars.

You can watch all eight episodes of Tex-Mex Motors now on Netflix. No word yet if it'll receive another season.

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