Everyone knows El Paso is full of great talent in all sorts of fields. For example, in one particular field, everyone wishes to have one in the family and that is a Pastry Chef. I consider myself lucky since I have two on both sides of the family.

On my mom's side, my aunt Martha has always been the best when it came to baking sweets. As for my dad's side, my uncle Mike has quite the skills for continuing traditional family desserts. My aunt Martha and uncle Mike never tested their skills on a reality show like two El Pasoans were fortunate to do.

The Real Fit Fam was just as excited for Ana Mariella and Jonathan Bowden that they shared the teammate's good news with El Paso on their Instagram story. Ana Mariella and Jonathan Bowden were given a chance to do something they're passionate about in front of the lights and cameras. Ana Mariella and Jonathan Bowden were contestants on Netflix's Sugar Rush Christmas show. Not long ago Ana Mariella was able to finally share her good news with everyone on her social media.

She even mentioned that it was SO HARD keeping this kind of news to herself. Usually, when you've been chosen to be on a reality show you're sworn to all sorts of secrecy. But now that she's able to be like a bird and spread the word. You can catch Ana Mariella sweetening things up on Sugar Rush Christmas season 2 on Netflix. Ana Mariella wasn't alone on this mission since she was teamed up with Chef Jonathan Bowden who was the former owner of Belle Sucre bakery. Jonathan Bowden no longer lives in El Paso and is now residing in Kentucky. If you want to see a couple of our locals under pressure soaring for that trophy you can see it Friday, November 27 on Netflix. You can get a sneak peek at the trailer for the upcoming season of Sugar Rush Christmas above.

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