There have been so many El Pasoans I have come across that have had to improvise to get a job done. I must say when it comes to trimming trees at the houses on Arizona Avenue it can be difficult. Well, if you've never driven on Arizona Avenue's one-way street it starts as 3 lanes from North Cotton Street. Plus, on Arizona Avenue, there isn't much room anywhere for you to be able to park if you're not a resident. So you can imagine how hard it is for an arborist to do their job in that neighborhood. Arborists usually use the bed of their truck to keep all the shrubs and debris together after trimming a tree. I must give credit to the local arborists I saw that were tree trimming on Arizona Avenue while driving to work. Since there was NO PARKING anywhere near the house they were working at they had to improvise.

The dudes had to use the far-right lane on Arizona Avenue as a parking spot with their trailer. Since they were taking up the third lane they had to improvise a way to warn cars with only one orange cone. Well, I got to hand it to them for doing a damn good job improvising that I actually understood and followed. Instead of seeing orange cones to warn me to get out of that lane, they used decent-sized Amazon cardboard boxes as their cones. They had enough Amazon boxes which took a total of two to get the job done. YOu will notice both Amazon boxes in front and in the back of the truck in the photos below. Let me tell you, their idea sure did work since it kept me and the other drivers staying in the far left lane on Arizona Avenue.

Improvising Safety Measures

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