Westsiders certainly have it made with all the Spirit stores that are opening. There are three Spirit stores where you can start costume shopping ahead of time.

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You can see the list of Spirit shops that are available and convenient for people on the Westside. But after hearing about the several Halloween costume shops opening up around the Westside made other locals question something.

As for those who don't live on the Westside, they were wondering about their neighborhoods. We all remember the previous year how Spirit Halloween took over the former Albertsons in the Northeast.

While another location has been taking over the same spot for a couple of years now. For example, one of the stores on the Westside returns to its old stomping grounds which is the former Jo Anne's Fabrics location.

I certainly feel for people on the Eastside who have been wondering about getting a store themselves. Sure a lot of us would make the drive to the Westside for a costume but thankfully doesn't have to be that way anymore.


Spirit Halloween Location East El Paso 2022

via Monstrum13 IG
via Monstrum13 IG

Just recently I have seen a couple of people who have posted photos of the big surprise. My friend Jorge was on his way to work when we saw the former Rudolph Mazda being transformed.

Now Eastsiders can rejoice about finally scoring a Halloween store on their side of town. Let's cross our fingers in hopes more Spirit Halloween stores open up on the opposite side of the Westside.

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