You've seen the signs around town explaining how so many restaurants are dealing with staffing issues but a new sign is starting a discussion. There have been plenty of staffing shortages being seen around the country due to the pandemic. Fewer people are in the job market looking for open positions and certain industries like food and hospitality are struggling to find people willing to fill those positions.

It seems every week I see more businesses with signs on the front door asking customers to be patient and understanding that their food or service might be a little slower than they're accustomed to due to staffing shortages. Most places simply state the previous sentence but one local restaurant is stirring up controversy with the signage at their tables.

According to a Facebook post by Veronica Frescas, she was shocked to see this table sign on their table at the restaurant:

When Frescas asked the restaurant about the sign, she was told it was a marketing decision. The photo has been shared widely on social media and has started a discussion about the staffing issues that are being seen.

Some people believe the federal assistance is helping El Pasoans during a time of need due to the pandemic, while others think some are abusing the helping being given. One thing that all in the discussion seem to be able to agree on is the fact that the works that did show up for work should be applauded and treated with kindness, patience, and respect. Probably a decent-sized tip as well.

No matter which side you agree with one thing is for certain, in Texas, the Federal COVID-19 unemployment benefits will officially end this Saturday.

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