Netflix's weird reality show "Love is Blind" is back for a second season. Among the hopeful 30 (!) contestants this season hoping to find true love is 31-year-old El Pasoan Salvador Perez.

For a quick recap- "Love is Blind" premiered in 2020, right before Valentine's Day- so it makes sense that they released this new season right before Valentine's Day. I was immediately hooked- but it also feels like it's been FOREVER ago because this hit right before the pandemic; this was pre-pandemic days!

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"Love is Blind" is a reality show on Netflix where singles try to find a match and fall in love -- without ever seeing each other face-to-face! It sounds insane, I know, but it will really suck you in- and if you are starting with season 1, be prepared for the journey that is Mark and Jessica!

On the show, singles are put into pods, weird I know, where they get to communicate one on one with each other, but they never get to see what the other one looks like. In the first season we all fell in love with Cameron and Lauren- who also fell in love with each other- and got married! It looks like they're still going strong- so maybe this does work?

Now, Salvador is hoping to be the next contestant to find true love.

In the first two episodes, Salvador tells us a little bit about himself, and how he's not afraid to show his emotions- we love that! Judging by his Instagram account, he's very much a family man- and he shows off more of his ukulele skills. (He writes Mallory, a woman who he has been getting closer to in the pods, a very cute song!)

I won't spoil it if you haven't seen the show, but it is intense, and the show moves real fast.

Will Salvador find true love? The first five episodes are available now. Good luck to Salvador, we're rooting for you and for true love!

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