El Paso has so many different areas that have unbelievable angles of the city. I have seen different areas that offer quite the view right from home. I came across a picture that was just beautiful and seemed like it was a part of a magazine advertisement. But there is a dead giveaway of a hint in the picture that shows a sunset illuminating just behind the Plaza tower. It was neat for a local Reddit user to share their enviable scenic view. Apparently, this photo that probably made you do a double-take, has no filter. But it seems like the photo does do justice for those of us who won't have a chance to be looking out from the inside. If you hunt down the perfect spot to see an El Paso sunset means you have plenty of choices to keep your options open. But some people are absolutely lucky they can admire their personal scenic view that pairs beautifully with a sunset. Looking at the picture is mesmerizing and I could stare at that view endlessly.

Downtown Synthset. No filter from r/ElPaso

Downtown apartments with an enviable view sure can throw someone’s hometown vibe off. Looking at the picture the Reddit user shared of their personal space has you feeling like you’re on vacation. Not exactly sure where the Reddit user is staying but it definitely has some chill vibes. Have you ever looked at a picture so serene you wished you could escape reality to be in it? That is what this picture did for me when I came across it on Reddit. El Paso has magnificent sunsets and scenic views that pair together quite nicely. When you’re in the Downtown area you have to be content with other tall buildings that block your view. Quite honestly, the view in the photo still looks amazingly hypnotizing with buildings or not. While other places don’t have anything in the way of their amazing view.

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