There are some fans in El Paso that take their favorite NFL team's loss to heart. Just like the Dallas Cowboys fan that threw a tantrum with his family after a Cowboys loss. Well, we all saw how mad he got and started saying rude uncalled-for remarks to his family.

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But Dallas Cowboys fans aren't the only ones that get a little heated from time to time. There are other NFL teams that have some hothead fans that also get worked up over a loss.

Plus, alcohol and mouthing off doesn't help out a situation between a couple of hotheads. I have seen Raiders, Cowboys, Broncos, and Seahawks fans get worked up over a loss and become sensitive to the opposite team's fans mouthing off.

Sometimes I get amazed at how far some loyal fans go to defend their favorite NFL team. What trips me out is how some fans are willing to go as far as throwing blows over a few cruel words.

We certainly can't forget when some El Pasoans witnessed fights at the Sun Bowl Stadium either before, during, or after a football game. In 2014, KVIA shared some footage of a fight that broke out at a UTEP and Texas Tech game. You can see refresh your memory by watching the video of that fight below.

When you check out the clips from different NFL games you will see fans from different teams starting drama because they can't handle bad mouthing. But I am curious about which NFL team you believe has the most emotional fans.

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