Hurricane Irma made a helluva mess and now, some local El Paso Electric workers are going there to put the pieces back together.

According to the El Paso Times:

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful ever recorded in the open Atlantic with winds up to 185 mph, was downgraded to a tropical storm Monday morning.

In its wake, more than 6.5 million homes and businesses across Florida lost power. One person in Florida died in an auto accident during the storm, and 36 were killed in the Caribbean. - EP Times

The El Paso Times also quoted Florida Power and Lights as saying that this is "the largest restoration workforce ever assembled."  The El Paso crew is headed for Lake City Florida and is made up of 19 employees including a good friend of mine, Ryan Parry. (He's the guy in the yellow shirt!)

The El Paso Electric team includes "crew supervisors and linemen, apprentices, safety representatives, mechanics and material handlers." (EP Times)  Major props to these El Pasoans for helping Floridians put their lives back together!

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