It may have been the biggest sack of Tom Brady's career. And it came courtesy of KTSM Sports Director Colin Deaver right here in El Paso.

After reporting on Brady's retirement announcement, this was Deaver's back-and-forth with KTSM news anchor Andy Morgan:

MORGAN: "We will never see another quarterback, in my opinion, that wins 7 Super Bowls."

DEAVER: "Well, I will say this. The greatest quarterback of all time, which he is... is 1-3 against the Denver Broncos in the playoffs."

MORGAN: "I love that you went there."

DEAVER: "And, Tom, I hope that your last mediocre season was worth your marriage,"

That was followed by a gasp and silence. It was a knockout blow. It hurt.

Colin continued: "Tom, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but it's -- show me the lie! Show me the lie!"

I mean.. the reality is Tom Brady will likely never see this clip, nor will he care. BUT- his very public divorce from supermodel Gisele Bündchen played out leading up to, and during, a very difficult final season for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, they won a very bad division and made the playoffs, but they were no match in the first round against the Dallas Cowboys, finishing a below .500 season.

Deaver's tweet reached more than 40,000 people as of this post, so clearly it got attention -- some favorable, some not so much:

Even KLAQ's own Duke Keith is weighing in:

I don't think Tom Brady is going to lose sleep over Deaver's jab. He already inked a great deal over at Fox and in just 5 years he will be in the HOF. This Broncos fan better hope for some chemistry between Russell Wilson and new head coach Sean Payton or he might have to deal with some heckling in the near future.

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