It was a three-way race for the Municipal Court 4 bench here in El Paso. Lillian Blancas got the most votes (40%), but since she didn't get the majority, that position is set for a runoff. Blancas who was just 47 years-old, ended up hospitalized with COVID-19 and just passed away. Her death was announced in an email from the El Paso Bar Association.

Blancas was set to face Enrique Alonso Holguin in a runoff that will take place coming up on December 12th. Blancas was El Paso. She was born here, went to Burges High School, and earned her degree at UTEP, before getting her law degree at Texas Tech University School of Law.

Blancas worked for several years for the El Paso County Public Defender’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office before opening her own practice last year. Leading up to the election, Blancas spoke about why she was running, saying:

I believe El Paso deserves a knowledgeable and experienced judiciary. I have knowledge of the law, the courtroom and legal experience, and a well-rounded perspective to be a balanced, fair, and impartial judge.

A close friend of Blancas, Assistant District Attorney Amanda Enriquez said:

My heart breaks for all those who loved her.vShe was an amazing human being, a dedicated public servant, and a tireless advocate for her clients and our community. Her personality and laughter filled up every room she entered and she was the most selfless friend I could have ever asked for. I will miss her so very much.

Blancas is still on the ballot and if she happens to win the runoff, the El Paso City Council will vote to appoint a candidate.

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