This weekend I found myself wandering the streets of Downtown El Paso thinking about my last day here at KLAQ (October 31, 2016 in case you're wondering).

While I was walking, I came upon a wall on the side of a tiny grocery with a picture of an El Paso radio legend named Steve Crosno.

Steve Crosno left, Fernando Cuevas right
Steve Crosno left, Fernando Cuevas right

Sadly, Steve passed away 10 year ago at his home in Las Cruces. Seeing his face made me reflect on my own career in the Borderland because was the king of radio here in the Borderland.

That's where I know him from because I listened to Steve when I was younger, all thanks to my mom. My mother would turn 1150 a.m. every morning because his oldie show was on. The show itself was a cool mix of entertainment and music. Every now and then someone would call in to make a dedication to their beloved cholo or chola early in the morning. Steve would end the request by playing a sound of a guy yelling 'Ese Cholo!'

My time here with KLAQ is coming to an end and to be honest I'm sad. But, after watching the the video below I feel good my next career move. Here's Steve talking about moving to different radio stations in our area. It's something I've been thinking about doing for a long time.

I don't know where I'll end up but hopefully I end up hosting a TV show like Steve did for many years. Check out this gem....

Steve Crosno was loved by many but most of all the hardest working man in show business loved him, James Brown.

To read more about Steve check out his blog [HERE] If you would like to check out the Border Soul Wall it's located in Downtown El Paso at 4th & Campbell st.

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