A Christmas "whodunnit" will take center stage this holiday season at the El Paso Playhouse.

"The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular" will be performed at the El Paso Playhouse just in time for the holiday season beginning December 1st.

Running from December 1st through December 17, the El Paso Playhouse will bring to life this holiday mystery set in 1977.

The play will be directed by one of our great listeners, Tracy Levin. The synopsis of the play goes:

Christmas, 1977 is only three weeks away, and the ladies of the Charitable Sisterhood are preparing for Second Trinity Church’s annual Christmas Spectacular…but they’re having trouble staying focused on their preparations because there’s a criminal on the loose—someone has stolen the baby Jesus figure from his place in the nativity scene! Sisterhood leader Bea Littleton is certain that the culprit is her longtime rival, but the truth can’t be revealed until the end of the Spectacular. As a result, we watch from both onstage and backstage as the sisterhood performs sacred songs and satirical skits (after all, where else does Santa meet the Wise Men at the manger?). The fun doesn’t let up until the hilarious revelation at the show’s climax, which leaves the audience and the sisterhood filled with the very best spirit of the season!

The play sounds perfect for those who are into mysteries but also want to feel a little Christmas-y! Also, not to brag, but you may hear a familiar voice when you attend the performances; mine!

The El Paso Playhouse, which happens to be the longest running theater company in El Paso, has already put on some spectacular performances this year, now you can add one more to this year's list with "The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular". You can purchase tickets here.

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