Aaron Jones is definitely making a name for himself & is certainly one of the the best players from El Paso in the NFL today. The way the Green Bay Packers are playing this season, it's definitely a possibility of them not only going INTO the Super Bowl, they could win which would be awesome seeing Aaron win & represent the 915. But he wouldn't be the first player to do it. Here's a look back on past NFL players who not only made it to the Super Bowl, they WON.

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There have been MANY football players from El Paso who have been drafted into the NFL, dating all the way back since 1962. One of the first El Paso players to win the Super Bowl was Don Maynard who, along with Joe Namath, helped the New York Jets to a victory at Super Bowl III. Steve Kaplowitz even wrote an extensive article on the accomplishments Don has done in his career.

Then you have George Daney. Selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1st round back in 1968, the Chiefs would beat the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV a year later in 1969.

Jim O' Brien, was drafted to the Baltimore Colts (now Indianapolis Colts) in the 1970 Draft. He only stayed in the NFL until 1973, but people will best know him for kicking the winning field goal, beating the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V.

Chris Jacke, was one of the first players who played from UTEP (but certainly not the last) & would transition into the NFL. Chris played from 1984-1988 where he would be the 142nd overall draft picks in the 6th round in the 1989 NFL Draft and he would play for the Green Bay Packers. He would stay with the Packers until 1999, racking up a 1997 Super Bowl XXXI victory over the New England Patriots. People might remember that game as being Brett Favre's first SB win...

Tony Tolbert was also drafted in the 1989 NFL Draft. He was the 85th overall pick in the 4th round playing for the Dallas Cowboys. He stayed with the team until 1997 & during his tenure, he would get not 1, not two, but THREE rings: Super Bowl XXVII, Super Bowl XXVIII & Super Bowl XXX.

Seth Joyner would get drafted into the NFL during the 1986 NFL Draft, being the 208th overall pick in the 8th round. Seth would play for 4 teams: The Philadelphia Eagles, the Arizona Cardinals, the Green Bay Packers & the Denver Broncos. It was with the Broncos that he would finally get his ring during Super Bowl XXXIII against the Atlanta Falcons. It was end up being Seth's final game in the NFL so not a bad way to finish a career.

Brian Young graduated from Andres High School, played college football at UTEP & has gone to the Super Bowl TWICE. Brian played with the St Louis Rams between 2000-2003 & would play Super Bowl XXXVI in 2001 however they would lose to the New England Patriots. Brian would eventually get his ring playing being a coaching assistant for the New Orleans Saints during Super Bowl XLIV, where the Saints would beat the Indianapolis Colts. In fact Brian would make an appearance on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, showing off his prized ring:

Duke Keith
Duke Keith
Duke Keith
Duke Keith

Lee Mays, played football for UTEP between 1998-2001, he would get drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the 202nd overall pick in the 6th round back in 2002. He would play with the Steelers until the end of the 06 season, including playing Super Bowl XL, when they beat the Seattle Seahawks.

Billy Davis was a former Irvin High School footballer, went to the University of Pittsburgh, won the Super Bowl, not once but TWICE: he was a wide receiver who won Super Bowl XXX with the Dallas Cowboys & Super Bowl XXXV with the Baltimore Ravens.

Will Aaron Jones be the next El Paso player to score a Super Bowl ring? We'll see what happens in the next few weeks...

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