There is a place in California that I believe would do really well here in El Paso. We all enjoy those moments we spend with our kids doing something fun. Whether that may be having quality time together at Build-a-Bear Workshop or at Menchies.

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Now have you ever noticed how many kids at the Thanksgiving Parades are snacking on cotton candy? But sometimes it is also because the parent wants to snack on some cotton candy too. Well, a friend of mine Peter Esparza, and his girlfriend Sarah Marquez shared a cool kid-friendly place they had visited.

Sarah Marquez had looked up places that would be cool to visit in California. She stumbled across a place called Polar Playground in Huntington Beach.

Polar Playground is a place kids would be begging their parents to take them. After checking out the video from CBS Los Angeles (above) you will even want one here in El Paso.

Not only kids but I could also see adults in El Paso getting excited for a place like this. Each color of sugar they use for their cotton candy sculpting is a different flavor.

They can sculpt a Pikachu, unicorn, a galaxy, and much more out of cotton candy. This kind of job takes skill and patience which definitely brings smiles to faces. I can see this kind of place blow up with customers big and small in El Paso.

I know my kids and I would be regular customers if El Paso got a cotton candy bar. Just think a cotton candy bar would probably be your family's typical hangout every other weekend. But share your two cents by placing your vote in the poll below.

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