This cotton candy is almost too cute to eat, almost. Everybody loves cotton candy, right? It's sugary, it's a fun treat and very festive.

Melania Cotton Candy has officially arrived in El Paso, and one look at these creations will make you want to book them for your next event ASAP! This isn't just your regular cloud of pink sugary goodness, this is next level cotton candy.

Melania Cotton Candy comes to El Paso all the way from Miami and is the creation of duo Sonia and Yoandry Gallardo.

Who knew you could even customize cotton candy? I always thought it only came in one shape: cloud! But not with Melania Cotton Candy- these cotton candy clouds come in some extraordinary shapes like rubber ducky:

For the Hello Kitty fan in your life, this cotton candy will be hard to bite into- it's so pretty! But it also looks tempting enough to devour in seconds!

Melania Cotton Candy also offers different flavors. Have you ever wondered what a bear wearing a bowlers hat would taste like?


I can only imagine how mesmerizing the process is to make these customized treats; watching cotton candy be made is already hypnotizing as it is!

In El Paso, we know that we don't do basic snacks, so it's only fitting that Melania Cotton Candy joins in on the fun. These days you can add anything to elevate your party- be it a mobile bar or an elotero, and now you can even add customized cotton candy to make your party unforgettable.

You can follow Melania Cotton Candy's adventures here.

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