Lions and tigers and Armes, oh my!

El Paso legend and Tiger King long before that guy on the Neflix show, Jay J. Armes, has put the Lower Valley mansion he’s called home for many decades up for sale along with the acres of land it sits on.

The Olympic-size pool now drained and the exotic animals he once kept there long gone, the once world famous private investigator and subject of action figures, toys, a book, and many news articles says he no longer needs a 13,387 square foot home. According to El Paso Inc., the 88-year-old and his wife still plan to live in El Paso, just in something a bit more cozy.

So, what kind of coin will it take to own the almost six-acre estate on North Loop?

$3 million. That will get you the two story 9-bedroom, 8 bath “single-family home” and the acres the estate encompasses. Here’s how the real estate company that has the listing is pitching it:

Rarely does a situation present itself to acquire a property on a high-traffic location with a ton of frontage in the heart of El Paso's Lower Valley. Behold this 5.85 acre estate that includes a 13k square foot house, an Olympic size pool and tennis court. Large open area that could accommodate a multitude of different options for future development. Large private gate with electronic gated entry and irrigation located on the property as well.

Sadly, few photos accompany the listing, and none of the images that do are of the inside of the mansion, which is super-disappointing.

Jay J. Armes Puts Lower Valley Mansion Up for Sale

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