There have been all sorts of rumored stories I’ve heard about how Jay J. Armes became an amputee. I’ve heard all sorts of crazy stories that I knew better not to believe since I was younger. Some of those stories that I have heard over the years scared me to at a young age. It was always either some of my family or close friends of the family that made up dramatic fairytales. When I was a child I had always wondered about the real truth behind his accident when he was a young boy. The saying about hearing the truth from the actual source couldn’t be truer.

I grew up with so many wild stories about the day Jay J. Armes lost his hands that I knew better not to believe any of them. Thanks to Only In El Paso, we finally know the whole truth about Jay J. Armes incident. By September 3, 2014, was when Jay J. Armes explained his story about how he became an amputee. The footage may be close 6 years old but it tells the true story that someone else may also want to know. I never believed a word from anyone who had something to say about what they heard happened. The time Jay J. Armes was here at the KLAQ studios I wasn’t around because of the second job I had at the time. The day I came across the video above was the day I finally got the answer I had been waiting almost all my life for. It took a lot of patience to finally learn the truth about what happened to Jay J. Armes. It took me from 1991 up until 2014 to finally hear the answer I’ve been waiting around for years.

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