First of all, did you know El Paso has influencers? Well, we do! It's pretty cool but I feel like it comes with its own set of drama. Which is how I ended up down a rabbit hole on this whole "Vlexxin" drama. If you're seeing "Vlexxing" on your timeline and have no idea what is going on, allow me to explain- I did all the research so you don't have to!

It all started when Twitter user @VLEXXXGALINDO, whose real name is Alex, and is the significant other of Les Do Makeup, posted a Tweet that many found offensive. This is a screenshot of the now deleted Tweet:

Evidently, that didn't sit too well with the public who actually work a 9 to 5. @VLEXXXGALINDO immediately deleted the original Tweet and sent forth a lengthy apology.

Unfortunately for VLEXXX, the damage had already been done and El Paso Twitter was not having it. VLEXXX, by the way, has a clothing collection, this will be important later on.

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VLEXX did have his fair share of defenders, maybe those who know him, and those who accepted his apology because, hey, we are human after all and make mistakes. However, not everyone on El Paso Twitter was quick to accept his apology and of course, felt the need to share their frustration, and luckily for us, the jokes.

That one has to be my favorite.

Look, I don't really know who this guy is, I barely even knew who Les Do Makeup was, but I'm sure that they are both hard workers of their own craft. I commend VLEXX for apologizing, however trashing someone for working a nine to five is not the vibe.

So, there it is, the explanation on who and what VLEXXXIN' is. I spent an entire 45 minutes of my life on this that I'll never get back. I think we all learned something today.

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