During Women's History Month, we are reminded to appreciate the achievements of women throughout the world. There are many different ways women find themselves feeling empowered and yet, still facing the struggles of everyday life. This month reminds us to appreciate everything women have gone through and continue to go through, in this ever-changing society.

From women we know, to women we feel a connection to but don't know personally, supporting the growth of women in the media industry is something I can totally get behind. One woman who continues to grow her empire is El Paso's Les Do Makeup also known as Leslie Quezada. She continues to represent our city and build her empire through candy, makeup, clothing, and more, all while being a momma of two.

Les Do Makeup's Collaborations

From building a connection with her audience through Facebook lives of cooking, baking, and makeup tutorials, Les Do Makeup landed her own makeup line with LiveGlam. She continues to build partnerships with businesses such as Pica Pica Candy, Shein, Dime Optics and even Savage X Fenty.

Facebook Ads Featuring Les Do Makeup

On Savage X Fenty's website, you can find Quezada's ambassador page. I stumbled upon it after Facebook continues to push the ad you see below all over my Facebook page.

Savage X Fenty
Savage X Fenty

Yes, I have been looking for bras on Google. After a baby, my body is all types of weird and I need new everything. Sure all this lingerie looks hot on tight tummies, but what if I haven't lost the baby weight? Rihanna who created Savage Fenty everything is currently pregnant, and I want to see more of those photos too. Of course, Leslie looks amazing during and after baby number two, so I fully support the hype around the Savage X Fenty looks she has been sharing on Instagram.

I have the same feeling about the Shein Collection. It continues to be a hit with many people and has a Shein edit collection you can still scroll through. Again, all the outfits are amazing and I am happy to see this woman thriving in the industry. I am just too poor to buy up these types of products.

Whenever I can afford extra expenses and treat myself, I will be happy to support Les' many business adventures. Including her latest one, Onset. Until then, Facebook, stop shoving panty ads in my face!

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