There are some people in Michigan kissing the floor and realizing just how precious life really is. People in Traverse City, Michigan attended the Cherry Festival and some left there with a second chance at life. A lot of us enjoy visiting carnivals when they stop in town for people to have good times.

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But a lot of us don't know that it could possibly be our last good time on any ride. Luckily, some people who came really close to death over the weekend are still alive and standing today. Now carnival fanatics have a ride to add on their list of rides not to get on.

Some of us in El Paso are familiar with the kind of ride that almost cost some people in Traverse City, Michigan their lives. The ride that almost tipped over at the Cherry Festival is like the Rockstar at Western Playland. It is the ride that sways you from side to side then eventually in a circular motion.

Luckily, people here in El Paso who ride Rockstar haven't encountered the issue people in Michigan did. Jay Towers shared a heartstopping two-minute video of the scariest ride of anyone's life. It was still in motion and also lifting up off the ground at the same time.

But the bravery of some people who ran over to the ride to hold it from tipping over was phenomenal. The people trying to hold it down could have also been impacted by the dangerous ride but they still ran to help. Feel free to share your two cents about trusting carnival rides with your life in their hands in the poll below.

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