This year for the first time, horror lovers in El Paso will be able to gather for one epic weekend and get to meet some of their favorite horror icons.

The El Paso HorrorFest is coming to the El Paso Convention Center on October 7 & 8th.

The first ever El Paso HorrorFest takes place on the first weekend of October which is just perfect to kick off the Halloween season!

El Paso HorrorFest
El Paso HorrorFest

Not only will the HorrorFest bring a variety of horror guests, but there will be tons to do that you won't want to miss out on! This year's guests are:

  • Tony Todd (Candyman & Final Destination)
  • Brian Krause (Charmed)
  • Ryan Hurst (Sons of Anarchy & The Walking Dead)
  • William Forsythe (The Devil's Rejects)
  • Max Laferriere (Ghostface in Scream VI)
  • Sean Whalen (The People Under the Stairs & lots of other great movies)
  • Brandon Adams (The People Under the Stairs)
  • Jill Whitlow (Night of the Creeps)
  • Yan Birch (The People Under the Stairs)
  • William Scharpf (Scream the TV Series)
  • Jon Abrahams (Scary Movie & House of Wax)
  • Brian Van Holt (House of Wax)
  • Rebekah Kennedy (Two Witches)
  • Jackie Kong (Blood Diner)
  • Matthew G. Taylor (Resident Evil: Apocalypse)
  • Stephanie Panisello (Voice in Resident Evil games)
  • Joe Lujan (Director)
  • Chris Harrelson (The Walking Dead)
  • The Jaime Carrillo (Illustrator)

There will be Q&A's with guests, as well as photo ops which you can find out more about here.

Aside from a great guest lineup, there will also be a trivia contest and a replica of probably the most famous member of Supernatural, the Chevy Impala!

There will also be a Vampire Cafe.

Luc Bercoth via Unsplash
Luc Bercoth via Unsplash

Presented by Neko Squared, The Court of the Night's Vampire Cafe is a unique, interactive vampire-themed cafe experience inspired by the cosplay cafe-themed experiences in Tokyo, Japan.

Lair of the Demoness Escape Room

Sayan Ghosh via Unsplash
Sayan Ghosh via Unsplash

Also presented by Neko Squared, here you will be tasked to escape from the clutches of a horrifying and seductive demoness in an exciting escape room experience inspired by the survival horror genre. This event is 13 and over.

Vendors, guests and of course, your spooky selves will make this first HorrorFest a success. Event organizer Troy Stegner says of the event:

El Paso loooovvveeess their horror.  Every year at El Paso Comic Con we would have attendees beg us to bring in more horror guests, so it was an easy decision to start a con dedicated to the genre.  We are bringing a ton of great horror related guests, there will be Q&A panels with those guests and you can buy photo ops and autographs.  (VIP passes include one free individual photo op).  If the community supports this event, we will bring it back next year.  We will add as much horror entertainment as we can to make this event one of the premiere Horror Cons out there.  El Paso deserves nothing less.

You can find out how to get passes, photo ops and more by clicking here.

Happy hauntings!

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