The 2023 El Paso HorrorFest is coming to the Convention Center on October 7th and 8th.

El Paso Horrorfest
El Paso Horrorfest

Two of the headliners are probably most well known for their horror roles.

Tony Todd is a veteran of television, movies, and video games. Of course, he’s best remembered as “Candyman”.

Here are some of the other HorrorFest guests…along with their NON-horror roles you might recognize them from.

STAR: Ryan Hurst

HORROR ROLE: “Beta” in the Whisperers storyline on The Walking Dead.

FUN NON-HORROR ROLE: The dumb football player in the Cohen Brothers-Tom Hanks remake of “The Ladykillers”.

And you thought he was a dumb football player in “Remember the Titans”.

STAR: William Forsythe

HORROR ROLE: Halloween, Devil’s Rejects

FUN NON-HORROR ROLE: The prisoner who escapes with John Goodman in “Raising Arizona”.

Two entries and Two Cohen Brothers movies!

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STAR: Brandon Adams

HORROR ROLE: The People Under the Stairs

FUN NON-HORROR ROLE: He was Kenny, the pitcher from the original “The Sandlot”!

“You want the heater? I’ll give you the heater”

STAR: Sean Whalen

HORROR ROLE: The People Under the Stairs

FUN NON-HORROR ROLE: The very first “Got Milk” TV ad. He’s the Alexander Hamilton expert who can’t answer a $10,000 trivia question because he’s out of milk.

It’s directed by a pre-fame Michael Bay, too!

El Paso HorrorFest
El Paso HorrorFest

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