Don't believe the "Store Closing" signs all over this east El Paso furniture store. They're not, (entirely), true.

A number of furniture stores in El Paso have recently announced that they are closing. Leading one of my favorite spots, National Furniture Liquidators, to jokingly put up signs saying something to the effect of "not going out of business, just low prices" Shorty's got jokes ... and low prices.

Furniture City, located at 7122 Gateway Blvd. East on the east side of El Paso, has been in business since 2014. They recently posted signs saying "store closing sale" but those signs don't really tell the whole story.

Even though the huge banners outside Furniture City's East El Paso store say, "Store Closing," it will not be permanent, the owner says.

The store is scheduled to temporarily close for about two months of remodeling, tentatively set to begin around June 10, and reopen in August, said Omar Rahman, president and co-owner of the company that operates the store.

Furniture City in late January permanently closed its West Side location because the store lost its lease, Rahman said.  - EPTimes

Omar Rahman added that he doesn't plan on opening a second Furniture City in El Paso. His company owns, for now, 3 other Furniture City stores - 1 in Albuquerque and 2 in California.

There are a few others in California but they're owned by a different company. With all these closings, and Shorty's year 'round deals, seems like it's a reeeaaaaally good time to buy furniture in the 915.

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