Oh Lord!

As we start 2019, we would like to remind you to stay healthy because El Paso has an ungodly number of flu cases. Not sure if this statistic is unholy or metal, but it is a pretty cool number to end the year on. Not saying getting the flu is cool, just the number is an odd one.

According to the City of El Paso Department of Health, this number has grown from 2017, where 434 cases were confirmed. One flu-related death has also been reported for this season, involving a man in his 80's who had underlaying conditions and did not received the flu vaccination. Last season, 21 flu-related deaths were reported.

Make sure to take the steps to prevent yourself from getting the flu, like the flu shot. If you get the flu, make sure you prevent yourself from spreading it. Carry that hand sanitizer and antibacterial spray and spray all the bad away. You don't need those germs in your life.

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