The holiday season has begun and my favorite part about holidays is seeing how creative people get when it comes to decorating their homes for every holiday.

Halloween in particular is an interesting one because you’ll have houses that decorate cute, scary, creepy, or downright frightening!

One El Paso Dad decided he would use his skeleton decorations to tell a story that would change every week.

The story? A story of family and love. Ron Murphy decided he would use his Halloween Skeleton decorations to tell that story.

When neighbors pass by his east El Paso home they’ll see the skeletons in different positions every other day or every week.

A photo shared on his Instagram page shows both skeletons, husband and wife, are seen enjoying a cookout in their UTEP gear with their skeleton dog just hanging out.

Fast forward a few days later and husband and wife are surprised with some shocking news! They are going to be parents!

Ron continues telling the story of the couple's pregnancy journey with one scene showing the horrible side effects of morning sickness during pregnancy.

Followers are finally able to see the arrival of the newest addition to the bones family and they follow along the journey of the smallest bone family member as she grows into a little adult.

The feedback Ron has received on this creative idea has been nothing but positive. Ron decided that he would continue telling these stories with his skeleton decorations, but he also wanted to make sure all of this attention was for a good cause.

After being told about “Skeletons For St. Jude” Ron knew that using his decorating skills to raise funds for that fundraiser is what he wanted to do!

Skeletons for St. Jude (SSJ) is a nationwide fundraising effort of Halloween/holiday home haunters that use their Halloween and/or holiday displays to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to support children and their families impacted by childhood cancer.

For Ron, creating these Skeleton scenarios is not only a way to entertain his neighbors and now to raise funds for a good cause; It’s also a way for him to bond with his children as they all come up with ideas for a new story every week.

If you would like to contribute to Ron’s fundraising page for St, Jude, Click Here.

El Paso Dad Tells Story Through Halloween Skeleton Decorations

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