There is a local event that happens every year and is made for everyone. Well, except for last year due to the pandemic. The local event happens here in the Sun City off Montana Ave. and Zaragoza Rd. annually. The Sandbox Sunset Sports will present their Bi-Annual 1.5 and 3-mile mud obstacle course race charity for kids.

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This kind of competition was made for adults and kids 5 years and older. This kind of obstacle course has two types of courses, one is the single loop and a double loop. There's a difference between the two courses for those who are interested in participating.

The single loop is made for friends and family who want to have fun while competing in the race. As for the double loop course, this is actually the one that is worth money and you have to go around twice. The fastest male and female to make their two rounds and finish with the fastest time will win $100.

The double loop is made for serious competitors and made for those who have a high endurance level.
If you need an idea of what to expect out of the race just check out the video above from Maria Stoiber's YouTube. The obstacle course is built on 6 acres of land in the desert.

So if you're up for getting dirty and testing your endurance, then the Bi-Annual 1.5 and 3-mile mud obstacle course race charity for kids is for you and the family. The big race day is set to take place on Saturday, August 28, and make sure you're there bright and early. If you need any other general information you can get those details by clicking here.

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