There's a gnarly activity you can do that is fun and also a way for you to destress. Coloring is a great way to relieve stress and help you relax. In my opinion, coloring actually does take your mind off things. A talented local artist Christin Apodaca would like you to join her at a Tarantino-themed coloring night.

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The coloring activity will focus on past movies from Quentin Tarantino. So you can expect to color images from Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Django Unchained. Don't worry, the pages you will be able to color and take home will be images from your Quentin Tarantino favorites.

There will be coloring pencils provided for you or you're more than welcome to bring your own set. So this Saturday, July 24, you can hang out and color with a local artist Christin Apodaca. The free Tarantino-themed coloring night will be held at Alamo Drafthouse (Montecillo location).

You can join the coloring party which will begin at 6 pm and goes on until 9 pm. The coloring party is free and will be in the taproom at Alamo Drafthouse. There is an age limit though for the Tarantino-themed coloring night.

You and whoever you take must be 21 years and up to join the coloring party. The reason why this event has an age limit for coloring is because of the images you will color. Some of the pictures feature John Travolta holding a gun as you remember from certain scenes. This coloring party is one hell of a way to take a break from adulting should you need one. You can get more information about Tarantino-themed coloring night by clicking here.

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