Peeps in the egg business have made about a 700% profit this year, so let's just start with that.

They need no more of our money.

Easter also isn't the only time of the year that parents need crafts for their kids, and those with a life need a new hobby. Painting can be great therapy! Grab an adult coloring book and a fresh pack of Crayolas if you really want to get crazy in your 30s.

I did some groundbreaking research for you all - and according to myself, the next best pantry item (when it comes to painting them) is...


That's right. Not only can this babe become a french fry, a mash, a crispy chip, the topping to Ree Drummond's tamale pie (I wish I was joking, but I'm not) ... it's also PERFECTLY capable of replacing an egg.

Try dropping a potato, does it break?

Does it CRACK??

Just like eggs, you can peel and eat the potatoes on Easter or whenever you're ready to whip up a potato dish. Not a wasteful alternative, and could easily save you some money.

Want to be EXTRA extra? Potato stamps were something us millennials made back in elementary school, and it's so easy to do at home. Check out this easy tutorial and make some Easter-themed stamps from the potatoes, too.

If you're not into potatoes OR eggs, here are my top 10 pantry alternatives to decorate for Easter, or maybe just for a night when the electricity goes out.

10. Bake a Cake

9. Dye Marshmellows

8. ROCKS. They are not in your pantry unless you have kids like mine who hide them in there sometimes.


6. Easter Pancakes

5. Paint Oranges

4. Bananas are good to decorate with markers if you don't want to get messy with paint and dyes.

3. Watermelon

2. Squash

1. Potato. The one and the only.

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