El Paso taxes are going up because the city doesn't have enough money. Yet, city leaders voted themselves a pay raise, for the 2nd year in a row, 'cuz they HAD to!?

According to KVIA.com, Commissioner David Stout said "it's uncomfortable having to implement one's pay raise. But Commissioners Court is the entity that has to dictate the raises." (Can't be too uncomfortable, they did it last year too.)

I can see trying to get cost of living raises to city employees, they're the ones really doing all the work. Apparently, handing themselves tens of thousands of dollars a year is "policy". Commissioner Andrew Haggerty said:

"Last year, it was decided that every elected official should make a minimum of 70 percent of what everyone else in the top ten counties (in Texas) make." "If we have a policy whether I agree with it or not, we need to follow that policy. - KVIA

He didn't say who decided that but, did add:

"It was a huge raise last year, but I think that was because of the years and years and years of refusing to be the ones to want to do it, and it's a difficult thing to want to do." "No matter what happens, we're stuck having to vote for our own increases." - KVIA

Gee, that's rough.

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