Chico's Tacos is an El Paso institution and a fairly divisive one. As Chico turns 70, here's what fans, critics and the indifferent have to say ...

If you've been in El Paso for more than a day or two, someone has already advised you to hit up Chico's Tacos.

Somebody else has probably given you the exact opposite advice. That's how it is around here ...

Chico's Tacos, who just got a cool honor from the city of El Paso  first opened in 1953.

It was an almost immediate hit and, in fairly short order, the first restaurant was followed by 2 others until there were 3. One, I've been told, for each of the founders sons. Currently, there are 4.

Back in the day, Chico's rolled tacos and that "secret" sauce were the shizzle. On top of that, Chico's was one of the few restaurants that was open at "bar-thirty".

That point between about 1:30am and 2am-ish when bars are closing, and partiers need somewhere to keep the festivities alive, (aka parking lot party).

Or eat and sober up, one of the two.

No matter what, I think their legend really stems from the days of Chico's being the "only game in town" late at night.

See some pics of Chico's Tacos over the years here.

Chico's has seen some changes and a certain degree of controversy while establishing itself as an El Paso icon.

From being accused of using inferior meats to the more recent chaos that ensued after they changed that legendary/infamous cheese.

Here are a few Facebook comments about El Chuco's, El Chico.  Enjoy ...

Chicos Tacos Turns 70

Whether you love it, accept it or hate it, Chico's Tacos is an El Paso institution.

An El Paso original and a true "one 'n only".

A place where family legends and memories were, and are being, made.

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