If the City of El Paso could work around Walter's schedule that'd be great, thanks. In case you didn't already know, Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie is a serious celebrity. He's been featured on multiple television shows, has 413,000 followers on Facebook and 700,000 followers on Instagram. His adorable antics keep fans coming back for more and his videos are featured on several websites and social media pages. Walter also moved back to the Sun City earlier this year, so we have a lot of hometown pride for the pooch. Now, a duo of A-list celebrities showed his video on a major morning show to discuss the cutest meltdown on the internet.

Last week on the Today Show, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon were guest hosting and showed a video from Walter's Instagram. When arriving at a dog park in El Paso, he was disappointed to find out that the park was closed for maintenance. Finding the situation completely unacceptable, a Walter-style meltdown ensued. Walter simply doesn't understand why the world can't work on his schedule and we have to agree. When you're as big of a name as Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie, the world should be working on your schedule. Check out the adorable video below and check out a video of Walter Geoffrey when he stopped by the morning show for a visit. And oh yeah, Bish had to drive him there.

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