With over 559,000 followers on Instagram, Walter the talking French bulldog is certified famous in our book! And now he lives right here in the Sun City. There are plenty of amazing pets on Instagram that we all enjoy stalking or just viewing their pictures to make our day better. I'm a big fan of Circus Pugs but I get a thrill out of seeing all the adorable smooshy faced dogs out there on social media. An extremely popular furry guy on Instagram is Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie. Walter is known as a talkative fellow he enjoys arguing with his human all the time.

Walter has a MASSIVE online following, with almost 560,000 followers on Instagram and counting! On Facebook, he has over 300,000 likes and 350,000 people following his posts. He has also been featured on The Dodo with almost 2 million views, 9,000 shares of the video and 41,000 likes. Walter's sassy personality, unique bark and hilarious banter with his human have made him an instant pet celebrity online.

We were extremely excited to find out that Walter will be living back in El Paso! His owner is from the Sun City and according to a post on his Instagram yesterday, Walter has moved back to El Paso and is not happy to see his human's car is back. We love Walter and can't wait to see him around the city and at the dog parks. Walter, come and meet Tubbby! He'd love to have a new friend.


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