There's a lot going on a KLAQ and we have it all for you on, from SXSW to Balloonfest, to Party on the Green (Midget wrestling, what?!?) Check out some of my favorites from from the past week in case you missed them:

  • Build it & They Will Duck

    Duke takes a look at the possibility of a baseball park in downtown El Paso, analyzing the pros and cons. Good stuff.
  • SXSW is Coming!

    South by Southwest is a week away! I'm joining the Morning Show crew to take you behind-the-scenes with band interviews, videos, photos to make you feel like you're in Austin with us. You'll be able to rock along with us on air, on RadioPup and on our SXSW page! I'll be geeked out with cameras and computers and chasing down anyone remotely famous I see for YOU!
  • Kids + Monster Truck Announcing = Awesome

    What's more adorable than sweet innocent children channeling demon voices to win tickets to Monster Jam? Not much. Check out video of our Monster Jam darlings getting some serious announcer voices on for tickets.
  • You Spin Me Right Round ...

    The El Paso Times reported that the construction of a roundabout has left drivers confused, which left Buzz confused. Buzz, in response, wrote a list of things that navigating a roundabout is easier than. You'll laugh. I promise.

    C'mon, Buzz, Duke and Monster, it looks like the ladies (and possibly fellas?) of El Paso are with me! While we love the boobs, hineys, babes, crushes, SuicideGirls, can't we get some pecs and biceps going? The KLAQ Facebook fans and voters of my poll are with me, and no, I didn't dedicate a day to repeat voting! We don't want to leave the ladies of El Paso unsatisfied, do we guys? *Pouts*
  • More Bands Added to Balloonfest 2012!

    Bands are still being added to Balloonfest 2012, with Dead Sara signing on to do the show this week! Get all the info you need and find out how your band can get some stage time on our Balloonfest page.
  • Listen LIVE on & RadioPup

    We've been hearing from a ton of people who have been rocking out to KLAQ on our Listen Live page and on our FREE mobile app, RadioPup. It's how I listen an you can, too!