A local rock band has decided to rebrand following the tragic shooting on August 3rd.

A band works hard to grow and succeed and, a key factor in that growth is recognition. Building that is known as "branding" and a lot of thought, time and effort go into creating that brand, getting people familiar with it and having them know you by it. Taking that hard-won momentum and abruptly swinging it in another direction is almost never a good idea.

The guys in the band formerly known as "This Dead City" decided that being respectful to the city they love, it's citizens and their fans was far more important to them than tossing their merchandise and possibly being "lost" to some fans.

That's why I'm writing this. To help them get the word out that they ... as a band ... are still at it, just "re-branded". Here's their official statement:

Yesterday's racist attack on our hometown devastated all of us. This shouldn't have happened, not here, not anywhere. But the people of this great city came together and showed such solidarity and reminded me why this is a great place to live. And while at times, like any given group of people, don't get along completely or support our local arts and music scenes, the people of El Paso will ALWAYS come together when it really counts. Because of this, and out of respect for those who were devastatingly stolen from us, we've decided to change our name. I hate that I feel like I have to do this. Part of me feels like by doing so we're letting the racists win, we're letting fear and hate win. But I cannot in good conscience keep referring to us and our home as this dead city because we're not dead; we're more alive now than ever. Moving forward we're going to call ourselves Nothingtown, because even though we may sometimes be too caught up in our own lives to support the scene, when it hits the fan NOTHING WILL EVER STOP THIS TOWN from being the kind and loving community it is. In days following, we'll work towards changing all the platforms to reflect the change. Thanks for reading all the way through. Thanks for your understanding and support. We love you all.
– Alex

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