A very cool film and media event is coming to El Paso in January!

The El Paso Media Fest is being held January 18th - 20th at the AMC 16 (Carmike) Theater in the Northeast at 9840 Gateway North.  The goal is to expose up and coming, local filmmakers from the El Paso area to the world and vice versa.  According to the Media Fest Events Page:

The El Paso Media Fest is dedicated to enriching the El Paso community, through the international exposure of culture & film. With film screenings, networking events, celebrity guests, educational panels, local food & more, this festival will showcase El Paso's best to the world. Our festival is fun-filled and educational; participating filmmakers and community members are given the opportunity to network with local talent and filmmaking pros, learn from industry members, and to develop themselves further in the world of film. The spice of El Paso culture will be something you'll never forget!

To submit your own film, click here. To learn more about the event, visit the El Paso Media Fest website.

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