El Paso has been ranked as one of the safest cities in America, now we can add that we have one of the safest universities too!

2,167 4-year colleges, with at least 15,000 students, were looked at using FBI and National Center for Education data. El Paso Herald Post.com reported that the "top colleges had low overall crime rates and maintain safe campuses with little or no crime." 

Of all the campuses reviewed, UTEP was ranked #31!  While it's true that some crime occurs everywhere, 'ya have to admit, that's pretty damn good! UTEP Police Chief Cliff Walsh said:

“We are honored that the National Council for Home Safety and Security has recognized UTEP for its campus safety.” “The UTEP Police Department works in collaboration with University staff and community law enforcement agencies to ensure a safe campus environment for all of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. We are successful because of those partnerships.” - El Paso Herald Post

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