El Paso has been ranked as one of the safest cities in The United States but, what's the safest part of El Chuco?

This blog is pretty much guaranteed to start an argument but, it does fit what I've always thought. Northeast El Paso is not one of the most dangerous parts of town. It's one of the safest!

It does have a rough past mind you, with one particular section of it earning the nickname "The Devils Triangle". (Residents now prefer to call it "Angels Triangle") According to a graph at neighborhoodscout.com though, the Northeast is now one of the safest parts of El Paso. (Based on FBI statistics released in November, 2015.)

Obviously, there's nowhere in the world where you're 100% safe from crime. Some places are safer than others though and, based on neighborhoodscout's findings, Northeast EP appears to be the safest. What do you think?

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