This has become a big issue and now, Texas wildlife experts are warning Texans to stop fawn-napping!

Fawn-napping is becoming a big issue in Texas
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What is "Fawn-Napping"?

It sounds cute, fawn napping; like if a baby deer is napping- which is super cute! However, the real definition is not as cute! "Fawn-napping" refers to the act of taking a young deer, or fawn, often under the mistaken belief that it has been abandoned by its mother.

People might find a fawn alone in the wild and assume it needs rescuing, but in reality, wildlife experts say that the mother is usually nearby and will return.

fawn-napping an issue in Texas
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This term highlights the unnecessary and potentially harmful human intervention in wildlife, as removing a fawn from its natural environment can lead to stress and health issues for the animal. Wildlife experts generally advise against touching or moving a fawn unless it is clearly injured or in immediate danger.

Wendy Logan, a wildlife rehabilitator with the Heartstrings Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Abilene, Texas, wrote in a recent Facebook post the dangers of fawn-napping.

Logan points out that a doe will usually leave her fawn to graze- and usually in a spot that is safe from predators.

How Can You Tell A Fawn is Abandoned?

Logan, and other experts, give out tips and signs to look out for in case a fawn is abandoned. Logan advises to leave the animal alone and to observe it from a distance. If after 24 hours the fawn is in the same spot, then you might consider that the fawn was orphaned.

Signs to look out for in an orphaned fawn are curling of the ears and protruding hip bones, which Logan explained indicates dehydration. Another telltale sign a fawn has likely been abandoned is if they are crying out, or bleeping as vocalization is a sign of a stressed fawn.

If you do suspect that the fawn is abandoned, contact your local game warden. They may look cute but remember, don't touch the baby deer!

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