New Years Eve always brings lots of parties, fun, nostalgia and anticipation.  It also inspires people to set goals for the new year.

Some are hard like making a million dollars or getting your band to #1. Others are difficult but doable with the right mindset; like quitting smoking, drinking, etc. The toughest one is probably the old "hit the gym, lose weight" one.  (That's easy, you say?? Count heads at the gym January 1st then, do it again here and there throughout 2018. The numbers will fall like a rock tossed off Ranger Peak.)

I myself though, am one of the few people to actually live up to their resolution.  I made one years ago and have never broken it. Not once. Ever.

I resolved to not make new years resolutions.

Seriously though; whatever we set out to do, not everyone is going to make it. So, here's a vow for us all to take: Whatever goals you set for 2018, if and when you feel like quitting, vow to give it just one more try.  You'll be surprised at how many "one more's" you have, whether you ultimately go the distance or not.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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