It's the nicest time of the year to be in El Paso.

The plants are still green and the trees are still nice and leafy but, it's not a zillion degrees so, you can actually enjoy being outside. Go for a hike, take a motorcycle ride or go Downtown and watch them destroy Duranguito. Plan ahead though ...

Temperature-wise, have a good winter coat handy as well as some shorts, a t-shirt and your flipflops. Sunscreen is a good idea too and, don't forget your umbrella.

You should also keep some sort of a "chili cooler" with you. During Fall, out of nowhere, you'll find yourself staring at a fresh batch of roasting chilis. No way you're passing that up so, you'll need the cooler to hold them until you get home. Speaking of food, have a burrito or two with you to eat while you're sitting on a roadway closed by either a freak winter storm or ... more likely ... TxDoT.

I would dress in layers and keep the umbrella and sunscreen in the cooler. If the cooler's full of chili, screw the umbrella and sunscreen.

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