I don't make New Years Resolutions.  (The last one I made is the only one I've ever kept. It was 1999 and I resolved not to make anymore New Years Resolutions.)

That streak has just ended.

Today I saw this and I have sworn to save up enough money to buy one by 2014!  (Whose resolution will probably be to save up enough to buy a couple of parachutes.)

As much as I love riding to work, I can't even tell you how much fun flying would be. No traffic, none of eppds speed traps ... no "frontchis" holding things up.

That would rock!  Plus, I'd always have a parking place!  On the roof where my motorcoptercycle would never get dinged by a car door. (Or Ronson fishtailing through the parking lot.)

I just put the first handful of change in my "Glenn wants to fly to work" jar.  The "swearing jar"  in the studio should also be a *&^*! - load of help.

If anyone else wants to chip in, drop by the station any weekday between 10 and 3!  :)

(Se acceptamos pesos!)