Right now, staying home is really kind of a strong suggestion but, what if they make it mandatory? We at KLAQ fully intend to be here for you.

We have the equipment to broadcast live from outside the studio and, often do. We decided to try it from my house the other day ... here's how it went:

  • I go on at 3 and the table is an easy commute so, I got to sleep until 2:45. Which was nice since I'd been up all night drinking with my dogs. (Don't judge ... all the cool places are closed and no one wants to come over.)
  • My remote location has a nice kitchen but, the chef is surly and he/I burned breakfast.
  • Computers and electronic equipment don't hold up well when Dr. Pepper is spilled all over them.
  • Coors Light doesn't do them any good either. (By the way, 1-dogs love to lie underneath the kitchen table and trip you when you get up with a drink in your hand and 2- the Dr. Pepper incident, apparently, taught me nothing.)
  • On that subject, it seems the "no beer in the studio" rule, now also applies to my home studio. (I assured my boss that I'd follow that rule as religiously at home as I always have at work.)  ;)
  • It seems there's also a "no dogs" policy. My 3 lost their minds over a rabbit while I was on-air. Jefe didn't find it anywhere near as amusing as I did.
  • My freezer REALLY needs defrosting.
  • I have the reflexes of a super ninja. When my 3rd "beverage" was about to spill, I did a one-footed, spin and reach move ... one leg extended over a chair! ... to save it that Jackie Chan and Mikhail Baryshnikov would have applauded.
  • The Fed Ex guy has no idea what a handwritten "on-air" sign means.
  • He also uses a sledgehammer to knock.
  • My personal laptop is dusty as hell.
  • That chef I mentioned earlier is useless. How the hell do you screw up Ramen??
  • Laser pointers, dogs and a slick floor = HILARITY!!

All that in only 3.5 hours...and I left some stuff out.  It worked though so, rest assured, I got you!!  Whether in the KLAQ studios or sitting in my undies at home, I will keep bringing you news, info, useless trivia and El Paso's best rock.

For free and, always, at a proper social distance.

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