A very intoxicated man was trying to get comfortable on a plane by destroying things. The passengers actually let him take out his frustration for awhile before taking him down WWE-style.

On a flight from Riga to Dublin, this shirtless man couldn't contain his drunkenness. The video shows him raging in the back on the plane, hitting things and trying to figure out life. I am guessing this is why the guy who posted the video, has nicknamed him as 'Shirtless Rambo.'

Luckily, when the guy starts to look like he is about go Kanye, one guy gets up and jumps on him. A group of passengers followed his lead, ended up piling up on him, and tied him up.

The plane had to make an emergency landing in Denmark, where authorities arrested and removed the man from the plane. If only Samuel L. Jackson was on that plane, along with some snakes.

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