Working the night shift at retail stores is probably what hell is like. You see the weirdest things, and deal with the most obnoxious people. This video shows just how weird things can get, especially at a 7-11. The freaks really do come out at night.

A drunk couple decided to walk into the 7-11 and completely terrorize it. The woman comes in alone, possibly drunk or on some kind of substance, destroys some property, then gets kicked out of the store.

After she is thrown out, a magical intoxicated man walks in LIKE A BOSS, to defend the women he believes was mistreated by the employee. He ends up being horribly embarrassed by the 7-11 employees awesome defensive skills.

Fortunately, the employees recorded the whole situation, so they were able to diminish the story that the crazy couple tried to make up, about the women being attacked by the group of men.

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