An Atlanta rock station struck YouTube gold, as they went out to the Georgia Dome to interview fans at the 2015 Monster Truck Jam. Luckily, some people were pretty excited to be interviewed and wasted live on camera.

A young lady was simply asked, "“Why is monster truck racing such a good time?” Her response didn't even cover the question, but gave us insight to a true redneck love story. As the woman describes how she met her man, who she has five kids with, she also confuses the interviewer with her mention of cousin love. The best part might have to be the line she used to win her man over, "“I’ll do you right here in front of everybody.” I'll be using that line for Valentine's Day.  She did eventually talk about monster trucks, which is pretty hilarious too.

Not only did this amazing women shine on camera, but another fan decided to video bomb the interview. He didn't have a touching love story, but he did have a strong opinion on censorship. The video reminds me of that drunk uncle who thinks they know EVERYTHING.