The Dallas, Texas band, Drowning Pool will be rocking the Sun City again very soon. These guys make it a point to stop in El Paso and rock out with us when they can. Earlier this year this band had posted a picture on their Facebook page hinting a new album. We may not know an exact date when to expect that to happen but do know when we can expect them in El Paso.

If you have been hoping to hear and see these guys again live in concert you will have that chance. Drowning Pool will have you moshing again and performing next month on Friday, October 25. The guys will be playing a free show at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center at 122 S. Old Pueblo Road. The opening band will be Bullet Boys who will get you pumped up for Drowning Pool. The show will be open to those who are 18 and over and will begin at 7 pm.

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