This week Dr. Fauci came out and said that covid-19 will be here to stay. What does that mean for the borderland and everyone who lives in El Paso?

The big word you'll hear on all the talk shows and cable news channels is that covid-19 will become endemic. But what does that really mean, and how is that going to affect all of us here in the west Texas town of El Paso?

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This video explains how Covid-19 will likely become a yearly thing like the flu.



This video explains what is a pandemic.



This video explains the differences between a pandemic and an epidemic


It looks like covid-19 will be something we all have to live with for the foreseeable future. Anybody waiting for some type of conclusion or end date to this whole thing will probably be waiting for a while.

El Paso is a desert town that has a lot of dust and sometimes a high pollen count that contributes not just to allergies but also to other respiratory infections.

Covid-19 will just be one of those things that every El Pasoan will have to be aware of and probably get vaccinated for every year. It's just going to be the world we live in I suppose. Welcome to the post-pandemic world people.

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