Even if you can't make it to Streetfest 2014 (You should be very, very, very sad because you're going to miss pretty much the best time ever), you can still keep updated with everything that's going on downtown. If you are coming, great! We want you to help us make everyone who isn't there crazy jealous!

There will be charging stations provided by El Paso Electrical so you have no excuse to not take tons of pics and Streetfest selfies sure to make everyone stuck at work or some other lame place that isn't Streetfest completely hate their lives this weekend. Because that's what friends do.

Make sure to tag your pics, tweets, videos, Vines, passed out drunk friends with #EPStreetfest and tag us while you're at it. We're @KLAQ on Twitter, @KLAQOfficial on Instagram@KLAQ on Vine and you can find us here on Facebook. You may as well just like and follow us while you're there to save your thumbs some work later.

Social media not your thing? That's okay. You can keep up with all the action RIGHT HERE. Check out live #EPStreetfest pics and tweets below:

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