Ok, since living in the Sun City for almost 8 and a half years I've noticed that we get skipped over on concerts and other entertainment. There are a ton of artists that I know we should be enjoying so what gives? Now don't get me wrong but working here at the Q and being a fan I sometimes wonder why a lot of artists don't pay us any attention.

I know from my own way of thinking that I would play everywhere and anywhere when it comes to promoting. But that's just me, though. It truly pains me that more bands can't or don't see the Sun City for all its majesty! We are some of the most diverse people on the planet. We have some beautiful places like The Abraham Chavez Theatre, The Plaza Theatre, Tricky Falls just to name a few.

So if you're reading this and don't think El Paso rocks stop by and let us blow your mind! We'll make your visit one you'll keep coming back for!

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